“Work:olution – Moving Minds”: From evolution to revolution in the workplace

This year, Europe’s largest exhibition for the future of the working world is continuing the theme of the previous key topic, Work 4.0, but with a new focus. With the motto “Work:olution – Moving Minds”, the leading exhibition for human resource management which takes place in Cologne from 19 to 21 September 2017 aims to encourage change and a rethink of work. Concrete support for this purpose will be provided by more than 700 exhibitors and numerous cooperation partners. 

The digitalisation and networking of people, machines and processes continues unabated. At the same time, human work is being supplemented by an independently designed virtual process. Besides activities in virtual space, “Work 4.0” covers a wide spectrum of other components: digitalisation brings new tools for collaboration and human resource management that speed up processes and to some extent, turn the previous understanding of work on its head. Hierarchies, decision-making processes and a new understanding of working hours and the workplace are all part of this. 

Humans still in the driving seat

“We currently have the historic opportunity to really change the working world. But to do this, we need to reach people and ask ourselves the right questions: What does “New Work” mean for me? What am I doing to implement this concept in my company? What boundaries need to be overcome?” expounds Ralf Hocke, Managing Director of spring Messe Management, the organiser of Zukunft Personal. “With the motto ‘Work:olution – Moving Minds’, the topic of Work 4.0 is not obsolete, on the contrary. If more and more machines are moving into our working world, we need to set the right course today and show considerable courage. We, as humans, need to remain in the driving seat – regardless of whether it turns out to be an evolution or a revolutionary and radical change of the working world. We want to spark off a fire for change,” continues the exhibition organiser. 

Fill “Work:olution” with life

The exhibition Zukunft Personal provides an overview of trends in the working world through the unique combination of an innovative performance event, specific solutions from exhibitors and a first-class, international supporting programme. Inspired by the key topic “Work:olution”, presentations and interactive formats will focus on all aspects of New Work, agility, Career 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of robot colleagues, Recruiting Trends 2020, Digital Leadership, new e-learning methods and digital corporate health management. 

The European leading exhibition for the future of work will also offer numerous opportunities to exchange ideas in the community of “work designers” visiting the exhibition. This community not only includes managers and human resource professionals but also organisation developers, further training officers and other company representatives who are responsible for an innovative working culture in their companies. 

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