Special Show: Gaming & Learning

Learning technologies in the workplace: trends, gamification, robots & digital leadership.

Digitalisation and globalisation are two of the mega trends that also impact on learning and development in the workplace. Digital learning methods, as well as new learning technologies revolutionise workplace learning. Employees, are now able to learn where and when they choose – tailor-made to their individual preferences and needs.

Mobile- and online courses – sometimes combined with face-to-face presence modules – enable flexible learning, regardless of time and place. Much as these new opportunities offer more autonomy to the learner, they in turn demand stronger self-management. Change is happening in companies as well as in the learning and development market as a whole.

So how do you develop your employees? Which methods and technologies offer the best results for you?

Gamification is one of the key trends: games are fun and increase motivation: it’s not only Millennials and youngsters entering the world of work who love game based learning.

Virtual- and augmented reality, business simulations, learning with robots, gamification and AI have moved on from pure buzzwords to reality. At the Zukunft Personal Europe you can ‘meet’ humanoid learning robots ‘in person’.

As an L&D professional, but also as people leaders in general, it is now more important than ever to stay abreast of developments: set the right course of action today to lead high performance teams into the digital future.

Visit the Special Show: Gaming & Learning at Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne to find the best learning and development solutions for your needs. 

More information will be available soon.

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