Keynote-Vortrag von John Stepper - "Working out Loud"-Vorreiter


WOL: The missing piece in your company´s change program

Most change programs at work fail. Culture change, digital transformation, innovation. Companies may have the tools they need, and may even have the management support and strategy they need, but something else is always missing.

The "something else" is giving people the chance to experience a new way of working for themselves, to tap into their intrinsic motivation so they genuinely want to change their behaviours, to develop a new mindset and new habits.

Working Out Loud can be the missing piece.

WOL Circles help people experience a better way of working and feel how it could be better. Employees learn by doing. Come to see that the skills associated with WOL - finding and sharing information related to your work, connecting with people who can help you make progress, developing relationships that increase the chance of information exchange and collaboration - are good for the individual as well as for the organization.

People are hungry for this experience. As a result, WOL has spread to companies of all sizes across a wide range of industries, and also to schools, governmental organizations, and non-profits.

All it takes is one person to start a WOL movement in an organization, to say "I want to try something different this time". That person could be you.

Learning Objectives:

In this talk, you´ll learn how the WOL movement began, and how different companies are using this practice to spread change that´s positive and sustainable. You´ll also learn about a range of HR use cases and how you can try WOL for yourself.