Trade fair highlight 2019: Top-class lectures at the Blue Collar Stage

The blue collar labour market employs 80% of the workforce in Germany. Numerous companies are looking for caregivers, logisticians, service employees, craftsmen and many other non-academic specialists. Nevertheless, large sections of the labour market research are almost exclusively concerned with the professional lives of academics.

mobileJob, the recruiting provider for the non-academic labour market, in cooperation with the Zukunft Personal Europe, is countering this with the Blue Collar Stage. On all three days of the fair top speakers will provide valuable insights into the blue collar labour market. How does the target group think? What should job advertisements for nursing staff look like? Or: How does the digitized working world affect the blue collar sector? These are just some of the topics that will be answered on the podium.

You can find the complete programme here - the Blue Collar Stage, one of the attractions at this year's Zukunft Personal Europe.

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