Meet the Blogger 2019

Imagine the HR media landscape without Bloggers. Not only their expertise but their talent to identify new trends first and discuss them before traditional HR media makes them irreplaceable.

Do you know the community´s who-is-who ? If the answer is “No”, then this is about to change! “Meet the Blogger” and discover exciting new specialist blogs. Get to know well-known bloggers personally, and network with people who share your interests!

Tom Haak, HR Trend Institute, Director

17 September 2019 | 12:30pm | Blogger Lounge | Hall 2.1

"Personalisation in HR"

Tom Haak is the leading trend watcher of the HR Trend Institute. One of the most important current trends is Personalisation. Are you, as an organisation, willing and able to take the individual needs, wishes and capabilities of candidates and employees into acccount? Tom will talk about personalisation, and the opportunities this trend creates for HR. In this session there will be ample time for questions and dialogue. 

Neelie Verlinden,, Editor-in-Chief

18. September 2019 | 13:50 Uhr | Blogger Lounge | Halle 2.1

"Onboarding - The Workplace Honeymoon Period"

Did you know that losing an employee during the first year of their contract costs companies at least three times that employee’s salary? Companies that have a successful onboarding program are almost twice as likely to have significantly lower recruiting costs than others.
Nowadays the war for talent is more fierce than ever. Therefore, it's crucial to keep your talents on board once you've recruited them. This starts with an awesome onboarding program. Look at it as the workplace honeymoon period, where you and your new hire will start your loving, lasting relationship. But how do you make sure your talents keep falling in love with you? 


Tom Haak, HR Trend Institute, Director

18 September 2019 | 3:30 pm | Hall 2.1

Please note: This presentation will now take place at the Future of Work Campus in hall 2.1

"The key message in Employee Experience Maps"

Tom Haak, director of the HR Trend Institute, is a keen collector of employee journey maps and other HR related visuals, as career ladders. In his characteristic style (inspiring and humorous) he will present a selection of his collection, and he will talk about they key messages that are conveyed by the organisations. After this presentation, you might want to revisit the visuals of your organisation!

Mario Paladini, Founder & CEO, GLOBALS

19 September 2019 | 10:30 am | Blogger Lounge | hall 2.1

"Networking like a PRO - Tips & Tricks"

Networking is a skill for which not everybody is ready. It helps you construct bridges to reach your goals, from your dream job, to build your own company, and more. Anything you propose to do in life requires people to accomplish it, that’s why networking cannot be underestimated, the opposite, anyone who knows the value of connections understands the power of being a “networking pro”. Are you ready?

Inga Höltmann, Accelerate Academy, Founder

19 September 2019 | 13:50 pm | Blogger Lounge | Hall 2.1

 "Learning from other countries: How work is changing in Europe"

Panel Participants: Ingo Rütten, Zielwerk // Trina Roach, Beople DD // Linda Jonas, Small Improvements

New Work is an intercultural matter and a hot topic all over Europe. How is work changing in other European countries? And what can we learn from each other? We will shed some light on different approaches to work differently and will try to deduct some learnings as takeaways for everyone. 

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