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How can you successfully implement your employer branding strategy? Which are the current trends, news, and key facts? Read more about it in these DEBA articles:

Project setup: successful start in employer branding

The start of a process or a project is often symbolic of the whole. This is why no compromises should be made here. It is therefore particularly important to create the ideal starting conditions for the employer branding project with a well-considered setup.

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The five steps to successful employer branding

Successful and above all sustainable employer branding is always desired, but rarely achieved. Here you will learn which five golden rules and steps you have to follow and implement in order to successfully stand out from your competitors' employer branding. Employer branding is an instrument of strategic corporate management. In order to operate successful and, above all, sustainable employer branding, these five basic rules must be observed.

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Attractive employer: in five steps to the goal

Colorful pictures and videos of cheerful employees in beautifully decorated offices: for many, employer branding is already done by that. You can get much more out of it. But be careful - only with a brand strategically thought-out process, which is oriented to the individual needs of your company, the entire benefit potential of employer branding comes to fore.

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Context mark: interface & delimintations

There are many brands in the world of branding. And new brand concepts are added all the time. But which are relevant in the context of the employer brand? How do they interact with employer branding? We illuminate employer branding and its neighbors and point out interfaces and demarcations.

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Employees - the company´s voice

To what extent does working with testimonials make sense for companies in the field of employer branding? What do companies have to pay attention to when working with testimonials? We show how great the actual utility value of employees is in employer communication in practice.

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SME - to the top with employer branding

Lack of skilled workers, demographic change, competitive disadvantages compared to large corporations. SME are groaning under the lack of talent that is necessary for future innovation, performance and know-how. We believe: Not moaning, but: challenge accepted!

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Central questions about employer branding: finally clarified

There are still misunderstandings about what employer branding is, what it can do and how to use it properly. We tidy up and provide answers to key questions. Our goal is to professionalize employer branding.

>> Here are the five questions about employer branding

Employer brand manager: balance holder in a class of its own

Employer branding is not always part of what employer branding says. The job description of the employer brand manager is still unclear today. Time for a few guard rails: What does it take to be a successful employer brand manager?

>> Discover, what it takes to be a successful employer brand manager

Effectiveness of honesty

Credibility is the be-all and end-all in employer branding. Not only because authenticity is demanded everywhere. Not only because dishonest statements are quickly exposed and denounced in the age of social networks. But also because credibility is indispensable for a trustworthy, permanently attractive employer brand.

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Employer branding & CSR: the ethical pact

We briefly and concisely explain which positive effects CSR has on employer branding. When companies assume responsibility for society and the environment, they are following one of the major social megatrends. Sustainable thinking and action has long been an essential prerequisite for being considered an attractive employer. Those who see it only as a means of cultivating their image will quickly see through and under certain circumstances suffer irreparable damage to their image.

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