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Zukunft Personal - Accreditation Guidelines

For journalists

Accreditation request should be accompanied by evidence of affiliation or association with a formal media organisation e.g. one of the following:

  • a valid press pass issued by the media trade union DJV (Deutsche Journalisten Verband)
  • By-lined report (Published or broadcast by a formal media organisation within the last three months)
  • Imprint of a current issue of a publication where you are featured as a member oft he editorial team (specifically for freelance journalists)
  • Official confirmation letter by an editorial office confirming your journalistic engagement at Zukunft Personal (specifically for freelance journalists)

For bloggers

Accreditation request should be accompanied by at least one of the following pieces of evidence to prove your status as a blogger:

  • Sample of content with a clear connection to the topics of Zukunft Personal
  • Your blog must have been running for more than one year
  • You must have published relevant posts regularly, i.e. at least four times per year
  • You last published content within the last three months
  • Your blog mus have a legal imprint

Accreditation is open to active members of the media (editors, reporters, producers, radio and camera teams, and photographers)

Accreditation is not open to:
Managing directors, publishers, account managers, sales staff, PR representatives (exception: proven activity for an exhibitor), video production companies (exception: proven activity for an exhibitor

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