Boost professionalism of your HR business processes through the use of intelligent HR technology

Without the clever application of modern technology, HR is bound to lose out. It is now that the technological course for the future of a successful digital HR operation needs to be set. While in some companies paperless HR is already largely a reality, for others there is still room for improvement.

Gain a market overview in the shortest possible time
Get to know the most important and innovative HR software providers in person and compare them directly on site! Participating companies include ADP, SAP, Talentsoft and Workday. In total More than 100 exhibitors cover the complete spectrum of HR solutions in hall 3.2. Nowhere else will you meet so many suppliers in the one place.

It is not only well-established companies that make Zukunft Personal Europe so special. The largest HR Startup Village in Europe is a veritable treasure trove of innovative ideas.

Benefit form top market insights
Two stages age located within the HR Software & Hardware Hall. Three days of programme are included in the admission fee.

On the Future Stage HR Tech + Digital Culture you will meet experts from industry and academia, who will talk about the future and the many options soon available. New collaboration tools, mobile work applications, as well as people analytics.

On the first exhibition day Soumyasanto Sen, Founder and Partner, People Conscience Speaks about the Future of Work and Rise of HR Tech. In his view automation, gig economy, digital platforms, and other innovations are changing the fundamental nature of work. What is the impact of this? How can HR be more aware and make organization's ready for the Future of Work? How should HR and organization adapt to the future HR Tech?

The HR Tech Solution Stage offers you three days of programme for each "digitization level". Entire companies and procedures are impacted by digital transformation: from the growing degree of automation in production to your daily and strategic Human Resources tasks. Simultaneously, employee's expectations of the digital workplace are growing. Best practice tips for agile business processes, a real culture of innovation, genuine cooperation and collaboration, as well as continuous feedback is made possible by the right software.

Attending Zukunft Personal Europe offers you the opportunity to learn from the best and pick up know-how enabling your personal success today - and in the future.

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