Future of Work

How will we be working in the future?

The workplace is changing! Disruption, demographic change and digitalisation are the drivers of change. However, these changes involve new forms of collaboration and a new infrastructure with the creation of modern working areas - as varied as the processes and tasks in the company. Designing these flexible spatial and work concepts can result in a decisive competitive edge so HR needs to take the initiative here. How do your staff want to work? What sort of workplace would allow communication and teamwork, would support concentration when working on complex tasks and yet still look really inviting?

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Kristina Menten

Project Manager

k.menten @ messe.org
Tel: +49 621 70019-616

Discover "Future of Work" on more than 2,500 m²

Come and experience a brand new exhibition area at the Zukunft Personal Europe, "Future of Work", curated by Michael Schmutzer, founder and CEO of Design Offices and New Work Award winner 2018. This is a completely new zone in the HR Future Trends Hall on a space of more than 2,500 m², conceived and designed by Design Offices. Design Offices is one of the leading providers of office and co-working space in Germany and consequently a pioneer in the design of the analogous workplace of the future.

New Work Style @ #ZPEurope18

Experience a unique working atmosphere, exhibition areas with innovative products on the subject of New Work, inspiring discussions, as well as networking and interactions in the workshop and meeting areas. You can also withdraw from all the action and relax in the lounges and breakout zones.

Be the driver of the future

Ba part of the new "Future of Work" zone. If you offer products and services that offer methods to solve the challenges of the digital transformation, then you must be there. Media interest is expected to be hight.

Design Offices - New Workspace Partner Future of Work Village

The vision fo the Pioneers of New Work:

Design Offices is Germany's number one when it comes to corporate coworking and room solutions for modern work with more than 24 impressive sites with a total area of more than 80,000m2. We offer flexible offices and coworking spaces, inspiring conference and event locations - we provide the perfect environment for successful work. The portfolio also includes attractive services on demand.

Michael Schmutzer - Curator

"If you don't radically rethink your vision of the working world, you'll soon find that there's no longer any place for you in it."

As an entrepreneur of the world of work, Michael O. Schmutzer decided to found Design Offices in 2008, which became the number one for New Work and Corporate Coworking in Germany. Many renowned national and international companies appreciate the visionary concept and pioneering architecture of Design Offices. 2018, he was honored with the New Work Award.

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