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Associated Blogger at Zukunft Personal Europe 2018

Sarah Murray

The HR Cat

„The Future of HR: Cultivating Creativity“

Agnes Uhereczky and Zoltan Vadkerti 


„Why every organisation needs a work-life integration manager?“

Mario Paladini 

Blog AiRelo 

Ai Bots for HR to save time and resources

Programme Blogger Lounge 2018

“How to succeed in permanent beta” – Calling all bloggers!

The fast pace of modern life requires a high degree of flexibility, courage and emotional intelligence from employers and employees alike. The result is a constant need to adapt to new market conditions, the development of new forms of collaboration and last but not least, the fusing of human intelligence with artificial intelligence. In short, we find ourselves in perpetual beta. What opportunities and challenges does this present to employers and employees?

What will the working world of the future look like? How do we want to work in the future and who will decide?

We want to explore these issues in more detail taking our inspiration from the motto of the exhibition Zukunft Personal Europe 2018: "work:olution - succeed in permanent beta". With this in mind, we are calling all bloggers to take part in the blog carnival: "How to succeed in permanent beta?" #permanentbeta. More information are available here.

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