Keynote by Dirk Müller - Expert for digitalization strategy

CIO Franz Haniel & Cie. and CEO Schacht One

Digital Transformation at Haniel - a case study

The challenge of digital transformation does not lie exclusively in the "digital" element, but particularly in the aspect “transformation”. Culture & organisation, established behaviours, all this is put to the test by the exponential developments of recent years - the pressure to adapt is immense. With the establishment of its digital unit Schacht One, the Haniel family-equity company has set itself the objective to work in a spirit of partnership alongside its medium-sized portfolio companies, and to accompany them on the path to transformation. Dirk Müller explains the strategic approach taken, as well and the targets of Schacht One, and shares his experience of two years at the unit. In the second part of the keynote Heidi Moser describes from the perspective of one of Haniel's portfolio companies - ratioform - how this transformation can be achieved in real life in a medium-sized B2B trading company. She also introduces the company's digital agenda and explains the collaboration between CDO and HR. Using the Change Programme as an example, she shows how ratioform employees are brought on board and how they are given the opportunity to themselves be a proactive part of the change. Corporate culture and employees are such a key success factor in the transformation, that any investment in culture and staff ultimately impacts company performance.

He will held his keynote together with Heidi Moser, Head of HR, ratioform Verpackungen GmbH.


Dirk Müller is the CIO of the family equity company Franz Haniel & Cie. as well as CEO of the Haniel digital unit Schacht One. In this job, he is responsible for the digital transformation of the entire company and the development of new digital business models for various shareholdings and areas of Haniel. As Chief Information Officer, he also directs and coordinates the strategic orientation and positioning of Haniel IT towards both internal and external corporate clients.

He previously held various IT management posts at Haniel and was involved in the SAP roll-out and in outsourcing projects among other things. The Computer Sciences graduate began his career as In-house Consultant Business Intelligence for Readymix AG in 1998, which is now CEMEX Deutschland AG, and then worked as a Senior Consultant Business Intelligence at the IT service provider and IBM subsidiary SerCon for several years.

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