Motto 2018: "work:olution - succeed in permanent beta"

Agility, digitalisation, disruption, innovation - words that have been on everyone's lips in the business and working world for some time now. The result has been a constant striving to adapt to new market conditions, the development of new forms of collaboration and last but not least, the partnership between human intelligence and artificial intelligence. Our society, economy and working world are currently in a continuous "beta phase" in which products, thought processes and working practices are tested, adapted, rejected and revolutionised. This fast pace of development requires a high degree of flexibility, courage and emotional intelligence from employers, employees, policy makers and members of society.

So this year, the Zukunft Personal Europe in its role as a catalyst for change in the working world is adopting the motto "work:olution - succeed in permanent beta". With over 770 exhibitors and more than 450 high-calibre speakers, the exhibition will be showing practical ways to make a positive impact on this changing environment. At the same time, this leading exhibition is a trendsetter and along with its partners in the business world, government and civil society organisations will be focusing on how HR and managers can ensure that everyone involved benefits from digital transformation. 

770 exhibitors, 450 high-quality presentations, 1.000 tools


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