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Look forward to a top-class line-up of international keynote speakers:

Marion Rövekamp, Chairwoman Human Resources & Law, EWE AG

18 September 2019 | 12:00 a.m. | Keynote Stage | Hall 2.1

"Shaping the energy world through the power of diversity"

EWE Chairwoman Marion Rövekamp describes, why she wants to unfold more diversity at the energy and telecommunications company EWE AG in Oldenburg, Northwestern Germany. What will EWE gain? What kind of chances can be expected, what kind of challenges will have to be dealt with? How can a corporation, that is innovative as well as traditional, grow from within and win new professionals at the same time? Which measures has EWE introduced so far, what do first learnings look like? How does the company plan tracking its own development?

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All presentations on the Keynote Stage will be simultaneously translated into English or German.

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