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Technical developments in HR continue to make great strides forward. If truth be told, the strides are getting bigger from year to year. It should always be borne in mind that developments and consequently digitalisation will never again advance at the slow speed we are currently experiencing.

Some of us may still be able to keep up now but the increase in speed is exponential. Soon we, the HR professionals, will no longer be able to keep up to date without spending even more time monitoring developments.

Robindro Ullah (left) und Michael Witt (right) - founder of HR TEC NIGHTS

This is precisely where the HR TEC NIGHT @ Zukunft Personal Europe comes in. The HR TEC NIGHT aims to be a platform where HR Technology is something anyone can grasp and everyone is given a quite straightforward opportunity to up their personal speed and level of knowledge.

Programme items:

  • Pre-pitches: Hall 3.2
    18 September | 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. | Forum 9
  • You can experience the winners live at the HR TEC NIGHT: 18 September | from 5 p.m. | Blogger Lounge
  • Refreshments are available!

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